Want to gain valuable insights on accurate predictions and the correct assessment uncertainties?  This is an area that influences all types of future-oriented decisions: from determining appropriate inventory and sales levels to the buying and selling of financial instruments. Intrigued? The Tribeca Rooftop, New York City, is the place to be from December 10 to 11, 2018 for the annual M4 Conference hosted by the Institute for The Future.

Previous conferences have provided valuable insights for improving accurate forecasting as well as a correct assessment of various uncertainties. This year’s event is a continuation of previous conferences organized by digital legend Spyros Makridakis.

The organizers of this year’s event are The University of Nicosia, which is one of the biggest learning institutions in Cyprus.  NYU Tandon School of Engineering is also sponsoring the two-day conference through the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering.

M4 Competition 2018 seeks to enhance accurate forecasting through the analysis of vast troves of data covering six application domains of macro, micro-demographic as well as industry financials among others.

Below are the top five reasons to attend the M4 Conference

Learn Emerging Trends for Accurate Forecasting

The M4 conference will feature presentations on three of the most accurate forecasting methods as discussed by developers. The developers will also showcase how other people can use forecasting methods available free in Github.

The conference will also seek to elaborate on the findings of previous M4 Competition events. Discussions will also center on their practical implications as well as how businesses can use them to improve forecasting as well as correctly assess uncertainty.

Speakers will cover critical aspects of forecasting which involve monitoring various methods and judgmental adjustments. The speakers will also pay attention to the comparison of Machine Learning as well as statistical forecasting methods commonly used for uncertainty assessment.

Network with the Brightest Minds

This year’s event will bring together distinguished guests from diverse software and technology companies. In attendance will be representatives from some of the biggest tech companies, led by Google, Microsoft, Amazon as well as Uber. Known academics from some of the top level universities around the world will also attend.

Taking time to interact with some of the brightest minds in the tech space should be a no-brainer.  This would be an ideal time to broaden your professional network by taking the time to interact with some of the attendees from some of the biggest tech companies.

The conference also provides the perfect setting for attendees to interact with one another and share ideas. Attendees can network and discuss all the latest advances related to forecasting alongside world-renowned experts.

The conference wouldn’t be complete without a keynote speech from Nassim Nicholas Tale. He will give a speech on uncertainty in forecasting, Spyros Makridakis will also make a presentation detailing all the major findings of the M4 Competition.

 Further Your Career and Business Opportunities

While attending, take time to interact with some of the sponsors and professionals as a way of gaining insight of how they can be of benefit to your business or career.

Ensure you take their contacts just to keep in touch with them after the conference.  Now would also be the best time to get a feel of what the University of Nicosia and NYU Tandon College are doing when it comes to forecasting and uncertainties analysis.

 Explore New York City

There are other top tourist destinations that you can visit while attending the M4 Conference. A visit to New York won’t be complete with paying a visit to the Empire State Building and World Trade Center that make up the city’s iconic appeal.

If you are into arts then this would be the perfect time to pay a visit to MoMA the world’s most recognizable modern masterpieces.  The center is ideal for exploring art as well as sculpture and photography. You can also explore U.S immigrant past by paying a visit to the statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Who Should Attend M4 Conference?

The conference is open to all sectors and individuals. However, M4 Conference is a must attend for professionals working in companies that must forecast and estimate as part of their operations.

Financials mangers involved in the budget preparation process and financial planning will benefit a great deal from the two-day event. Government officials involved in receipt and expense prediction as well as hedge fund managers and those who predict stock market variables will also benefit a great deal from the two-day conference.

Inventory managers who predict demand for various items for optimal inventory levels should attend the M4 Conference to further their forecasting skills. Academics who teach forecasting and other related courses can also use the conference to advance their level of skills and knowledge.  Students studying forecasting or those dealing with uncertainties in their research work should also attend.

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