Tim Brennan, Editor of Adaptable Labs blog  at Medium online publishing platform, writes about his thoughts after having attended the M4 Forecasting Conference in NYC, December 2018.

Last week I attended the M4 Conference in New York City. This was a niche event focused on advances in the field of forecasting and the culmination of the 4th M-Competition, a competition organized by renowned forecasting expert, Professor Spyros Makridakis of the University of Nicosia.

My main interests in this area are those of a practitioner. I do not think enough time is spent educating and communicating the value that quantitative models can add to the business forecasting process. I believe participating in this type of conference is a great way to expand knowledge and gain a better understanding of what is (and is not) possible. If we, as practitioners, remain actively curious in this area, our ability to creatively build powerful forecasting systems that enrich our businesses will be greatly improved.

Here are some of the big ideas from the conference and a few thoughts I’ve had since it ended.

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