M Publications

The Special Issue of the International Journal of Forecasting (IJF) is exclusively devoted to the M4 Competition. It consists of 35 papers, including a foreword by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, that describes all winning methods and related articles as well as discussion papers and commentaries on the various aspects of the competition.

A similar Special Issue, exclusively devoted to the M5 Competition, will also be published in the International Journal of Forecasting after the M5 Competition and Conference have finished. Its coverage of the papers published will extend beyond that of the M4 by opening up submissions to everyone wishing to publish a paper as long as the reviewing standards of the IJF are met.

A related publication to the M Competitions is the 2018 paper “Statistical and Machine Learning forecasting methods: Concerns and ways forward,” by Makridakis, Spiliotis and Assimakopoulos, that has been viewed/downloaded more than 132,000 times in PLOS ONE.